Jul 11
We are Opening October 1st - Finally!

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — A new recycling center in development for more than a year will open Monday in Waynesboro.

Kaimon Metals’ Redemption Recycling faced challenges throughout the municipal approval process and a lawsuit filed in county court by neighbors.

Now, with almost every “i” dotted and “t” crossed, the company is planning for a soft opening.

“I see a huge amount of potential,” owner Shon Duty said.

The only remaining issue is believed to be an agreement with the Borough of Waynesboro regarding fencing, Duty said. That agreement should be signed today, he said.

Duty said he accidentally missed a deadline for fence installation, because he thought it was part of a variance instead of the land-development plan. He said the fence will be installed within 30 days, and a landscaping buffer of shrubs and bushes will be created.

Part of the recycling center’s mission is to showcase software and hardware Kaimon Group sells for salvage yards. The technology includes fingerprinting systems and payment machines similar to ATMs.

“Our software is set up and our hardware is set up. The scales are set up,” Duty said of the facility.

Starting Monday, 20 current employees will be working at the 206 Madison Ave. site, along with four more hired just for the new center, Duty said.

Staffing levels will be evaluated to see if additional hires are needed, he said.

“Oct. 1, we’re going to officially open with a grand opening,” he said.

Redemption Recycling will handle nonferrous materials like aluminum, brass and copper.

The new center is an opportunity to educate people about what is going into landfills, as well as what they can recycle for cash, Duty said.

“Times like these, everyone needs some extra money,” he said.